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Through our marketing and distribution network we provide income generation for a community of over 2000 participants with the majority being women.

Volta Catch Fish Farms have contributed three deep wells to the community and will contribute another well in 2020. Two existing wells will be upgraded with solar water pumps and storage head tanks.

Clean Water

Starting this year, every year we will sponsor two of the best female students from the local district to attend university.


For biodiversity beneath the surface, we will create a two square kilometer wild fish sanctuary at Anyaase, which will be in addition to the one square kilometer sanctuary we established at Mpakadan.


We are proud to offer fish to the market which are free of antibiotics and any chemicals or additives – simply fresh and healthy, which reflects the environment we respectfully operate within.


Mitigation of our carbon footprint – to help us tread more lightly, we have plans to:


Install solar power for water pumping, ice production, cold storage and fish smoking


Convert fish processing by-products into biodiesel and biogas, which we will use in our boats and generators, and sell residual solids to vegetable farmers


Tree planting – further to the 40,000 hardwood trees planted at Mpakadan, we will plant another 100,000 trees at Anyaase-Gyakiti over the next 3 years

For two decades, Volta Catch Farms have cultured Tilapia fish with consideration and care for the environment and community.


Without a healthy environment, we would not be able to produce healthy fish.


We stock our Tilapia at low densities and we engage and develop local human capital.


& Environment

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