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We have done this in a way

which has little impact on the environment. We operate with simplicity and prove that by combining aquaculture, appropriate technology, and local human capital, Ghana and most of Africa could reach self-sufficiency in tilapia production.

Our Tilapia are from Ghana

from the middle of Lake Volta, where the tilapia live in clean, deep, open waters far away from the shores and human settlements.
Our Tilapia breed and thrive contentedly and stress-free in abundant space at low density within nature’s carrying capacity.

Volta Catch Tilapia

Great-tasting, fresh and healthy Tilapia.

the company has grown into a sustainable business which farms and distributes tilapia throughout Ghana. The Tilapia fish we produce significantly contributes towards food security and job creation.

Volta Catch Tilapia

Produced by

Tropo Farms

Founded in 1997

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